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Commercial property expertise

Commercial property matters can be complex and often involve a number of parties – but there is no reason why things cannot still progress smoothly. No matter which type of commercial property you are involved with – from offices and shops to industrial premises, shopping malls, licensed premises, restaurants, surgeries, development sites and retail parks, both in London and across the UK – the commercial property experts at Woodgrange Solicitors can work with you to achieve your goals and protect your interests.

Sale or purchase of commercial freehold property

Maybe you are planning to invest in commercial freehold property, or would like to sell some of your portfolio. Whether the property is a small village shop or a large retail development, a member of our team will handle everything on your behalf – from the initial negotiations through to planning and financing, as well as the acquisition and disposal. As you would expect, we also ensure full due diligence is carried out, so you can be certain that all the facts and details about the property being sold are correct.

Lease transactions

and rental agreements

Lease negotiations and transactions can be tricky areas and our aim is to handle both commercial and legal issues as they arise for a smooth, seamless process. We will always keep you in the loop and explain things clearly, avoiding legal jargon, so that we can help you make the right decisions for your business. We regularly provide advice on:

  • Lease renewals and terminations;
  • The drafting and acquisition or assignment of leases;
  • Lease surrenders; and
  • Deeds of variation.

We can also help you navigate all other aspects of rental law – such as negotiating a rent review that works for you, through to drafting a rent deposit agreement that safeguards your interests. In the event that you suffer non-payment or breach of a tenant’s covenant, our lawyers will work with you to secure a professional and timely outcome.

Licence for Alterations

Sometimes a commercial tenant may wish to make changes to a property to suit the nature of their business. Although minor alterations may be allowed under the terms of the lease, significant adaptations to commercial premises usually require a Licence for Alterations. This protects commercial landlords whilst clarifying obligations and rights of the tenant; it often contains a clause stating that original conditions must be reinstated once the lease comes to an end. We understand that tenants seeking a Licence for Alterations wish to adapt their premises as quickly as possible, so that they can get on with business – which is why we make all negotiations and paperwork as straightforward as possible.

For commercial property advice, call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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