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Conveyancing in Beckton Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 16/11/2017

Q. Points of interest in Beckton area

The areas near Becton are Eastbury Manor House National Trust, Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse, Museum of the Royal Artillery: Firepower Aviation Museum and Blackheath Old Dover Rd Library Art Gallery. The nearest hospital is Plaistow, Newham University.

Q. How do we find a cheap solicitor for selling a home?

Most conveyancer’s claim that they offer cheap conveyancing quotes, but they actually add extra fees into the terms that buyers usually don’t consider. The reasonable thought is any kind of cost should be mentioned on a conveyancing quote. However, often it is not and so you should make clear inspect the additional charges before you instruct someone.

Q. I would like to know the mortgage lenders you work with in Beckton?

The majority of the lenders we work with are on our Beckton solicitor’s panel. Those include: Mortgage Consultant & Brokers 68 Tunnel Av, London, SE10 0SD, London & City Financial Services Flat 25 Victoria Hall/7 Wesley Av, London, E16 1SR & Welcome Enterprise Po Box 51037, London, E7 8WN Our solicitor’s can deal with any enquiries and searches your lender requires for your move.

Q. What is the fastest way to purchase a £921,000 property ready to be bought?

Appointing an efficient, prompt and responsive conveyancing solicitor is a must for fast conveyancing. In addition a buyer can do the following: ? Do a house survey as soon as possible when you made up your mind ? Respond rapidly to your conveyancing solicitor's questions and ? Keep pressure on your solicitor by requesting updates regularly

Q. What is the council tax on a Forties end of terrace home in Beckton?

Typically the Greenwich council tax is shown in a conveyancer's title report. The actual charge can be found online at the Greenwich council website. As of July 2012, rates for all bands are: • Band A - £859.00 • Band B - £1,002.00 • Band C - £1,145.00 • Band D - £1,288.00 • Band E - £1,574.00 • Band F - £1,860.00 • Band G - £2,146.00 • Band H - £2,576.00

Q. Is the conveyancing of auction properties in Beckton conducted by your company?

Our solicitor’s are experienced with property auction procedures. However, unusual properties need more exploration before exchange. Therefore, we recommend buyers to appoint a SRA regulated lawyer providing enough time for review. Our lawyers are fully prepared to carry out the entire procedure needed for the purchase in 4 weeks time frame which is usually an auction condition.

Q. Usually flood searches are carried out before a purchase. But as 4 of the top 5 wettest years recorded were in last 12 years, are flood searches a reliable way to find flood risk areas?

A solicitor will investigate all official environmental records that have information on Beckton area floods. Afterwards he will provide you with a complete report. We also suggest you to hire an environmental specialist to see if the there is any significant risk of flooding in Beckton.

Q. Will HS2 impact Ealing property?

Yes, HS2 will have a significant impact on many properties in Elthorne Heights's local authority. We advise to carry out a HS2 search to remove any anxiety in buyers.

Q. What is the time frame to complete purchase of a semi detached Victorian house?

The time needed to complete a purchase can be from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the various issues that arises from time to time. The speed of the seller's lawyer is a key factor in this process. Our conveyancing solicitors are very keen to complete the process as soon as possible.

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