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Conveyancing in Bethnal Green Q & A's

By Kay Miah
Ask Kay a Question
Updated: 12/12/2017

Q. I am searching for low cost conveyancing. How can I find one?

Most online and high street property lawyers claim that they offer cheap conveyancing quotes and advertise accordingly. But often they have extra costs hidden in the terms of engagement. Busy clients often miss to notice these charges. The fair practice is to mention all disbursements explicitly.

Q. We have chosen Northern Rock as our lender. What should we check?

In recent years some lenders has put restrictions on which firms can work with them. As a result the legal cost can increase significantly for many purchasers. Anyway we are able to work with many lenders in UK at our usual fee.

Q. Will my solicitor provide any investigation report about the risk of flood on the property I intend to buy?

Your solicitor should investigate all official environmental records that have information on Bethnal Green area floods and provide you with a complete report. As of March 2013, the Environment Agency didn’t indicate any flood warnings in the Bethnal Green area.

Q. I intend to buy a property in the parish of Tottenham. Is a chancel search necessary?

England and Wales has over 15,000 Church parishes all over UK. A chancel search is always recommended and should be taken seriously. Chancel repair may be imposed on new home owners where church councils may have not done so in the past. Terms used in a property's name, like 'rectory' may indicate chancel liability.

Q. What is the council tax on a Fifties detached property in Bethnal Green?

Most of the time a conveyancing report on title will show the relevant Hackney council tax band. As of July 2012, the council tax charges in Bethnal Green on different rates are: • Band A - £870.00 • Band B - £1,015.00 • Band C - £1,160.00 • Band D - £1,305.00 • Band E - £1,595.00 • Band F - £1,885.00 • Band G - £2,175.00 • Band H - £2,610.00

Q. We might be moving from our period building on the outskirts of Bethnal Green to a residence in Bow after six weeks? When should we contact a removals firm?

We advise you not to shift until a formal exchange of contacts is agreed. The appropriate time to book a removal firm is when both parties have fixed a date to move to their new location. Try Bethnal Green Removals, Turin St, London, E2 6NJ; Phone: 07904 444194.

Q. I would like to enact the legal conveyancing process on my own. What’s your opinion on this matter?

A home owner can legally conduct conveyancing on his own and complete the bulk of the legal work without assistance. However, it’s prudent to appoint a solicitor as he juggles a large number of tasks such as checking redemption statements and registering the new title owner. These issues are handled more securely by a skilled professional.

Q. Is there any risk of finding land contamination in Bethnal Green?

Properties in Bethnal Green are contaminated by both natural factors and human influences. Coal mining has contributed significantly in polluting the environment of this region. Your solicitor will investigate all official environmental records that have information about contamination in Bethnal Green.

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