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Conveyancing in Dagenham Q & A's

By Kay Miah
Ask Kay a Question
Updated: 13/12/2017

Q. What is the usual fee for the conveyancing searches?

Our clients are charged with an amount of £249 for conveyancing searches which is paid to a third party for performing the task.

Q. In light of dramatic changes on the climate due to global warming, are flood searches a reliable way to find out flood risk areas?

Flood risk is a great concern for property buyers. A solicitor will inspect all official environmental records that include information of Stratford area flood risk and provide you with a detail report.

Q. What is the proper time to appoint a solicitor to sell our property?

Our advice is the earlier, the better if you are using a conveyancing solicitor offering a 'no move, no fee' guarantee. Some groups suggest holding off instruction until an offer is accepted, but you will then be in an inconvenient situation if the buyer is eager to move quickly. Appointing a solicitor initially eliminates the chance of the purchase or sale stalling. Therefore, speak to a lawyer once you have decided to make a purchase.

Q. Will free-standing kitchen appliances be listed in the fixtures and fittings list?

The items to be listed as fixtures and fittings vary a lot depending on the idea a vendor had on this matter. This is often not clarified and you need to specifically instruct your solicitor about the items you want to include in the list. If both parties agree you can list things as you see fit.

Q. What is your opinion for choosing a solicitor that usually works with my agent in Dagenham?

It is very common that your local agent will refer to a solicitor. These referrals should be considered with caution as there is a high chance that your agent might recommend a lawyer who is paying the highest referral fee instead of selecting an efficient and responsive conveyancing solicitor for you.

Q. I would like to know which mortgage lenders you work with in Dagenham?

The majority of the lenders in Dagenham are on our solicitor’s panel. This means our solicitor’s can deal with any enquiries and requests your lender requires for the transfer. Local mortgage lenders and brokers include: • Edward Charles James Financial Consultants, 2 Shaw Close, Hornchurch, RM11 1FB • Mortgage Hunter 2000, 57 Fairholme Avenue, Romford, RM2 5UR • Matador Financial, 87 Parsonage Road, Rainham, RM13 9LE

Q. Is a homebuyer report essential for making a purchase?

We suggest that you undertake a survey when making any purchase. There are a lot of issues you need to consider that can have significant effect on a property, for example blocked drains or rotten roof timbers. This task is not a part of the conveyancing process. You should conduct a survey in order to get a clear idea of what you are buying.

Q. Will a title report be prepared by the solicitor about the cost of council tax on the property before exchange of contracts?

Yes, your lawyer ought to gather update on the current council tax rates by contacting the local authority. Afterwards he should provide you with the details written in the title report. The latest information can be found online at the council’s website. According to most recent update, the rates for Dagenham were: • Band A - £941.23 • Band B - £1,098.10 • Band C - £1,254.98 • Band D - £1,411.85 • Band E - £1,725.59 • Band F - £2,039.33 • Band G - £2,353.08 • Band H - £2,823.09

Q. What is the expected time to carry out all of the conveyancing formalities on a terraced Thirties property?

There is a lot of variation in the length of time taken to complete a transfer. The time needed to perform a transfer can take a period ranging from four weeks to up to twelve weeks. The responsiveness of the vendor’s lawyer is a dominating factor in the transfer process even if your solicitor is highly proactive. We know how much stress these delay can cause and do our best to minimise the burden. Our lawyers usually conclude the transfer within six weeks if the solicitor of the opposite party is prompt and responsive.

Q. Should I be concerned about land contamination when we are buying a residential property in Dagenham?

Properties in Dagenham are polluted mainly because of local waste transfer sites. Your solicitor will advise you to carry out environmental searches and check for potential contamination on the property you are buying.

Q. Will my solicitor provide any information about the risk of flooding in Dagenham on the residential property we intend to buy?

An important part of the legal procedure involved in buying a home is the solicitor to apply for property conveyancing searches for information on the potential flood risk and provide you with a complete report. As of March 2010, there were no warnings around the River Beam at Dagenham.

Q. What is your opinion on getting searches for chancel liability?

A chancel search is always recommended whether you intend to buy a property in a parish or not. Chancel repair may be enforced on the house owners even if the Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) have decided not to do so in the past. Liability is more common in some parts of the country. Repair costs resulting from chancel liability can total hundreds of thousands of pounds. Insurance may be available to protect a buyer if a Church Council enforces liability.

Q. We urgently need fast Dagenham property solicitors. Are your solicitors up for the task?

Usually law firms are slow and so the home conveyancing process is delayed. Our solicitors are highly responsive, efficient and are always focused to accomplish a transfer in the least possible time. They use the latest document production systems in order to carry out a swift transfer in the buyer and seller chain.

Q. Are many purchasers in Dagenham gazumped?

The possibility of being gazumped exists in any transaction and sadly this is very common in Dagenham. Usually this happens when an owner cancel a buyer’s offer and makes a new deal with someone making a better offer. Since, accepting an offer is not a binding condition there is a chance of being gazumped until the exchange of contracts is completed. Appointing an efficient, fast and proactive conveyancing solicitor as early as possible is the only way to reduce this risk.

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