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Conveyancing in East Ham Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 17/11/2017

Q. I am looking for low cost conveyancing?

Conveyancer’s generally demand that they are offering cheap conveyancing quotes. But the reality is in most cases there are charges hidden in their terms of engagement. The rational thought is all disbursements should be mentioned explicitly. Our online calculator will give you the precise cost for your needs.

Q. Is a chancel search necessary when I intend to buy a home in a parish?

A chancel search is always recommended whether you intend to buy a property in a parish or not. Chancel repair may be enforced on the house owners even if the Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) have decided not to do so in the past. Terms used in a property's name, like 'rectory' may indicate chancel liability.

Q. What is the expected time to carry out all of the conveyancing formalities on a terraced Thirties property?

The time needed to complete a purchase can be from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. This varies depending on the various issues that arise from time to time especially on the speed of the seller's lawyer.

Q. We urgently need fast East Ham property solicitors. Are your solicitors up for the task?

We are very sensitive while selecting a lawyer and they need to complete active modus operandi to carrying out the conveyancing. We only work with conveyancing property lawyers who are highly proactive, prompt and responsive throughout the buyer and seller chain. Besides, our conveyancing solicitors are competent in leading edge automated practice management systems. This means that they are capable of completing the conveyancing process faster than others.

Q. What is the stamp duty we need to pay on a £755000 property?

Generally there are some small things to be considered when paying stamp duty including the purchase price. According to data available as of January 2013 stamp duty on a property sold at £755000 is £30200.

Q. I am planning to sell my house? Are there any additional charges to the conveyancing quote you provided?

No, we never charge any additional bills and we don’t have any hidden fees. Many solicitor firms will show you a low estimate which is rarely accurate as they exclude hidden charges.

Q. Please suggest if there is any way to get rid of stamp duty to the Revenue?

SDLT is charged on property priced over 125,000 pounds. You should be very cautious while mitigating stamp duty because if the scheme fails, you might be charged with a penalty of up to 100 percent of the stamp duty amount you owed.

Q. I would like to know about the East Ham conservation areas?

The conservation areas of East Ham areas are mainly due to English heritage. Conservations are governed by the local authority (Barking and Dagenham). Some common issues are paths and footpaths, addition of PVC windows or back illuminated signs.

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