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Conveyancing in Limehouse Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 13/12/2017

Q. Attractions and landmarks in Limehouse

Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse, Tate Modern Art Gallery and Temple Middle Temple Hall Historic Building are in the vicinity of Limehouse. The nearest hospital to Limehouse is London Independent Stepney.

Q. I am looking for affordable conveyancing quotes for purchasing a home?

Many firms claim that they are offering cheap conveyancing quotes. But in most cases there are charges hidden in their terms of engagement. Any kind of charges should be mentioned clearly in the terms and the charges should be reasonable and well defined. Our quotes properly mention the standard conveyancing transaction fee of a solicitor.

Q. Is a survey necessary if we are buying a residential property in Limehouse?

We recommend that you perform a building survey. There are several issues that can have significant impacts on the property are going to purchase.

Q. What is your opinion on getting searches for chancel liability?

By law home owners are required to provide expense for repairs of a Church if your property falls under chancel repair liability. England and Wales has over 15,000 Church parishes all over UK. A chancel search is always recommended and should be taken seriously.

Q. Is the soil in Limehouse contaminated by chromium?

The top layer of the soil is most vulnerable to several contaminants. Many pollutants take years to show signs of contamination after exposure. Your solicitor should examine all official environmental records that have information about pollution.

Q. How can I find out if the property I am buying is in a conservation area?

The areas that have historic or architectural interest are designated as areas of conservation. It is the duty of your lawyer to investigate your property regarding conservation issues and report on its status.

Q. Are many purchasers in Newham gazumped?

The possibility of being gazumped exists in any transaction. Generally this happens when an owner cancel a buyer’s offer and makes a new deal with someone making a better offer. Appointing an efficient, fast and proactive solicitor as early as possible is the only way to reduce this risk.

Q. What is the stamp duty a £920000 residential property?

Stamp Duty depends on the value of the property. The charge on a property bought for £920000 is £36800.

Q. I would like to enact the legal conveyancing process on my own. Is it a good idea?

There is no legal obligation that doesn’t allow you to perform the conveyancing process. But, it’s prudent to appoint a solicitor as they have the efficiency to deal with any situation that may arise from time to time. Besides, solicitor’s practices are bound to carry indemnity insurance that protects you from any failures.

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