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Conveyancing in Plaistow Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 17/11/2017

Q. We want to calculate stamp duty. What is the charge for a £1158000 residential property?

Stamp Duty depends on the value of the property. The charge is £57900 on a property bought for £1158000.

Q. What is your advice on paying stamp duty on a home?

Stamp duty is applicable only when a property is valued more than £125,000. We strictly discourage to go for any stamp duty reduction scheme. This is because you may be charged with a penalty of up to 100% of the stamp duty amount owed, if you don’t qualify for the scheme.

Q. I am searching for low cost conveyancing. How can I find one?

Most online and high street property lawyers claim that they offer cheap conveyancing quotes and advertise accordingly. But often they have extra costs hidden in the terms of engagement. Many home owners don’t notice the small print and blur writings. We believe any kind of charges should be explicitly mentioned in the terms and the charges should be reasonable. We present you with the actual quote of the legal fees that is required for a standard conveyancing transaction.

Q. What things should be considered while purchasing a home located inside a Plaistow council conservation area?

It is a responsibility of you solicitor to carry out searches and check the conservation area status as well as if there is any need for formal approval for any changes. After that you should be providing with a detailed report showing your options including if you are covered by an indemnity insurance policy.

Q. I intend to buy a property by parsonage grounds in Plaistow. Is a chancel search necessary?

England and Wales has over 15,000 Church parishes all over UK. A chancel search is always recommended and should be taken seriously. Chancel repair may be imposed on new owners of a residence where church councils may have not done so in the past. Church of England properties in Plaistow include Holy Trinity, St Martin, St Mary and St Philip & St James.

Q. I would like to enact the legal conveyancing process on my own. Is it a good idea?

A home owner can legally conduct conveyancing on his own. However, it is more convenient to take the help of a lawyer as there might be situations where you are more likely to make a mistake. A solicitor carries out a huge number of assignments ensuring the seller is the rightful owner and accomplishes a safe transfer.

Q. Do your lawyers conduct auction conveyancing in Plaistow?

We are very experienced in auction procedures with residential property. However, unusual properties like building plots need more exploration before exchange and so we suggest to give the lawyer enough time before an auction. We suggest you appoint a lawyer a week before auction so that there is enough time for a thorough review. Our solicitor will carry out the process in 4 weeks time frame after the auction.

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