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You will be in direct contact with a solicitor from start to finish of your transaction, unlike other companies who are not solicitors and just put you in touch with a firm for a introduction fee. We are fully authorised and regulated to act for you in your conveyancing transaction.

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We perform all the legal work for a fixed fee. No hidden costs like other firms.

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Conveyancing in Shadwell Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 13/12/2017

Q. I am searching for a fixed rate conveyancing quote in Shadwell?

There is a lot of confusion among property buyers and seller regarding conveyancing quotes. Many firms advertise that they offer the cheapest quotes for conveyancing whilst there are charges hidden in their terms. Any kind of charges should be mentioned clearly in the terms and the charges should be both reasonable and well defined.

Q. When is the appropriate time to instruct a solicitor?

Our suggestion is the sooner the better. Appointing a solicitor initially eliminates the chance of the purchase or sale stalling. Therefore, speak to a lawyer as soon as you have made up your mind to make a purchase.

Q. Which mortgage lenders do you work with in Shadwell?

We work with majority of the lender that has office offices in the vicinity of Shadwell. Lenders and mortgage specialists in Shadwell include: • City Financial Network, 19A East Pde, Leeds, LS1 2BH, • Yorkshire Mortgage Solutions, 50 Austhorpe Rd, Leeds, LS15 8DX, and • Aegis Financial Solutions, Turnberry Fold, Leeds, LS17 7WB Our solicitor’s can deal with any enquiries and searches your lender might require.

Q. Where can I find details about the conservation areas in Shadwell?

Shortly after a campaign, surveys were conducted by English heritage to determine the condition of conservation areas (poor or good). Conservation issues are governed by the local Tower Hamlets planning authority.

Q. I am looking forward to move out of our semi detached house in Shadwell to a home in Old Ford. What is the optimum stage to choose a removals firm?

Most property lawyers will advocate that you delay booking a removals company until the contracts have exchanged. The appropriate time to book a removal firm is when both parties have formally fixed a date to move to their new location. You can try: Abra Removals, 75 Jamaica St, London, E1 0PE Call: 07832 122486.

Q. On average how long does the conveyancing process usually takes?

The time needed to complete a purchase can be anywhere from 4 weeks to up to 12 weeks. This varies depending on the various issues that arise from time to time especially on the responsiveness of the third party.

Q. Is conveyancing of auction properties in Shadwell conducted by your company?

We are very experienced in auction procedures with residential property. However, special properties need more exploration before exchange and so we suggest you give the lawyer enough time before an auction. We recommend you appoint a lawyer at least a week before the auction so that there is enough time for a thorough review. Our solicitor will carry out the process in 28 days time frame after the auction which is a usual requirement at auctions.

Q. Which local authority is responsible for Shadwell?

Shadwell is located in Tower Hamlets Council, Town Hall, Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent, E14 2B Tel: 020 7364 5009

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