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Conveyancing in Silvertown Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 17/11/2017

Q. What are the attractions in Silvertown?

Among the notable things that are near Silvertown is Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse, Museum of the Royal Arttillery: Firepower Aviation Museum and Blackheath Old Dover Rd Library Art Gallery. The nearest hospital for Silvertown is Plaistow, Newham University.

Q. We are looking for low cost conveyancing?

There is a lot of confusion among buyers regarding conveyancing. Most of the times they are charged with fee more than they have projected. Many firms advertise that they are the one offering the cheapest quotes for conveyancing but in reality there are charges hidden in their terms.

Q. Are bookcases listed in the property's fixtures and fittings form?

Buyers are constantly in doubt about the surrounding which fixtures and fittings should be included. The understanding of a seller and buyer can vary a lot on what will be included in the sale. This is indifferent for fixtures and fittings.

Q. I am on a deadline. How get I get fast conveyancing?

Appointing a prompt and responsive solicitor is very crucial for fast a transaction. You can also try the following: Key to a fast transaction is to use a proactive conveyancing solicitor. There are, however, various things you can do. These include: • Organise your finances efficiently • Keep pressure on your lawyer by requesting updates regularly • Give prompt reply to any inquiry raised by your solicitor

Q. Does your firm conduct conveyancing of auction properties in Silvertown?

Our lawyers are experienced on property auction procedures. But, unusual properties that are to be sold in auction need more exploration before exchange. So, we advocate instructing a skilled solicitor prior to the property auction date in order to provide enough time for a complete review. Our lawyer is completely prepared to carry out the entire procedure within 4 weeks without any delay.

Q. What is your opinion on getting searches for chancel liability?

By law home owners are required to provide expense for repairs of a Church if the falls under chancel repair liability. We always recommend doing a chancel search no matter where you make the purchase in Silvertown. Chancel repair may be applicable on the owner of a house even if they have decided not to do so in the past.

Q. When is the proper time to speak to a solicitor?

The earlier the better. Appointing a solicitor initially eliminates the chance of the purchase or sale stalling. Therefore, speak to a lawyer once you have decided to make a purchase.

Q. What is the average time for completing a transfer?

The time usually needed to buy or sell a property varies from on to another. Normally the main contributing factor is the speed of the lawyer of the opposite party. Our solicitors are always keen to provide fast and efficient service to each client.

Q. Should we approach the conveyancing solicitor suggested by my estate agent?

In a way this is helpful for you as your estate agent can pressure the solicitor to accomplish the process rapidly. However, these referrals should be considered with caution as there is a high chance that your agent might suggest a lawyer who is paying the highest referral fee instead of choosing an efficient and responsive lawyer for you.

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