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Conveyancing in Stratford Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 06/11/2017

Q. I am searching for a fixed rate conveyancing quote in Stratford. How can I get such a quote?

A. Though there are many online and high street property lawyers that offer cheap conveyancing, but most of them have extra costs hidden in the terms. Any kind of charges should be clearly mentioned in the terms and there should not be any discrepancy. Besides, it should be properly defined when someone is supposed to bear any extra cost. Our online quote calculator will present you with the precise costing of the legal fees for the property you want to purchase.

Q. I want to know the local authority that is accountable for Stratford?

A. Stratford is a district of east London, England within the London Borough of Newham. The address of the authority is Newham Dockside, 1000 Dockside Road, London, E16 2QU and their telephone is: 020 8430 2002.

Q. I am in search of a Stratford conveyancing solicitor that is very fast. Can Woodgrange solicitors meet my expectations?

A. Overall law firms are slow and so the home conveyancing process is delayed. But we can provide you with a expedited conveyancing service using the latest information and case management systems, who can exert pressure on everyone in the system associated with buyer & seller and produce a fast exchange of contracts.

Q. We are looking forward to shift from our property in Stratford to a home on Manor Park. Exactly when it is necessary to book a removal firm?

A. The appropriate time to book a removal firm is when both parties have formally fixed a date to move to their new location. You can try: Man & Van Stratford - 18 Windmill La, London, E15 1PG Telephone: 020 3616 0307 or Simple Movers: 2 Windmill Lane, London, E15 1PG on 020 36080303.

Q. Is legal conveyancing of auction properties in Stratford managed by your solicitors company?

A. We have a lot of experience on property auction procedures. However unusual properties like building plots need more exploration before exchange, which is supposed to be sold in auctions. Hence it is strongly suggested that bidders formally inform the lawyer at least a day before auction so that there is enough time for a thorough review. Your lawyer is completely prepared to carry out the entire procedure needed for the purchase in 4 weeks time frame after the auction.

Q. If we want to buy a £500K home what should we do for fast conveyancing?

A. In order to accomplish fast conveyancing it’s very crucial that you hire a proactive, diligent lawyer. Also it is recommended that you complete and return any forms promptly, request regular updates from your lawyer and keep the pressure on so that you can move sooner. Our firm is well equipped to carry out your conveyance, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. Will the solicitor provide any investigation report about the risk of a flood in the Newham area on the property I intend to buy?

A. One of our solicitors will inspect all official environmental records that include information of Stratford area flood risk and provide you with a complete report.

Q. Is a chancel search necessary when I intending to buy a house in the parish?

A. A chancel search is always recommended especially when you intend to buy a property in a parish. Chancel repair may be applicable on the owner of a house even if the Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) have decided not to do so in the past.

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