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1. Direct Solicitor contact

You will be in direct contact with a solicitor from start to finish of your transaction, unlike other companies who are not solicitors and just put you in touch with a firm for a introduction fee. We are fully authorised and regulated to act for you in your conveyancing transaction.

2. Fixed Fee Conveyancing

We perform all the legal work for a fixed fee. No hidden costs like other firms.

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Our conveyancing solicitors are experts in all kinds property related matters. Therefore, you can be rest assured that you and your transaction are in safe hands

Conveyancing in Upton Park Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 13/12/2017

Q. How can I get a fixed rate conveyancing quote in Upton Park?

Though a lot of firms offer cheap conveyancing quotes, most of them have charges hidden into the terms of engagement. Our solicitors never charge any extra fees for conveyancing. We provide you with an accurate and exact quote and there are no additional charges.

Q. Is a property survey required if we are buying a property in Upton Park?

We always suggest to perform a property survey before making a purchase call. This is very important as there are a lot of issues that can have significant impact on the property you are buying. Usually this survey is not included in the legal work.

Q. We are looking forward to shift from our property in Upton Park to a home in Canning Town. When is it necessary to book a removal firm?

The appropriate time to book a removal firm is when both parties have formally fixed a date to move to their new location which happens after the contracts are exchanged. You can contact: Man & Van, 135 Boleyn Rd, London, E6 1QA Telephone: 020 3616 0323.

Q. My local agent has recommended the solicitors firm that he usually works with. Should I contact that firm?

It is very usual that your estate agent will refer a lawyer. But you should be cautious in doing so because sometimes agents are paid a referral fee for suggesting a solicitor. In that case, your agent might suggest a solicitor who is paying the highest referral fee, instead of making a good recommendation.

Q. What is the usual time needed to handle the legal tasks for conveyancing?

The time usually needed to buy or sell a property varies from one to another. This is due to various issues that arise from time to time. The time needed to complete a transfer could be from four weeks to up to twelve weeks. Our lawyers strive to complete the transfer within 6 weeks if the solicitor of the opposite party is prompt and responsive.

Q. As 2012 has been the 2nd wettest year, are flood searches a reliable way to find flood risk areas?

Your solicitor will carry out a thorough research for standard protocol environmental searches that are related to Upton Park and determine the flood risk areas. It’s better to contact your future neighbours for more assurance.

Q. I would like to know about Upton Park conservation areas?

The conservation areas of Upton Park areas are mainly due to English heritage. Your solicitor is responsible to find out the conservation area status of your intended property. Also you can get in touch with the local authority to get more precise information.

Q. We urgently need fast property solicitors in Upton Park. How fast the transfer can be completed?

Our lawyers are fully committed to provide fast conveyancing for your property. We only work with conveyancing property lawyers who are highly proactive, prompt and responsive throughout the buyer and seller chain.

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