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Conveyancing in Wapping Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 13/12/2017

Q. Usually how much time is necessary for the conveyancing of a residential property?

There is a lot of variation in the length of time taken to complete a transfer. The response rate of the third party is very crucial for this process. Our solicitors always strive to provide fast and efficient service to each client.

Q. Could the conservation areas in Wapping impact the property we are purchasing?

It is the duty of your lawyer to investigate on your property regarding the Wapping conservation areas and report on its status. Our solicitors will properly carry out their tasks and provide you with all the necessary information.

Q. Where can I find proper information about the conservation areas in Wapping?

Shortly after a campaign, surveys were conducted by English heritage to determine the condition of conservation areas (poor or good). Conservation issues like what can be developed, the colours of paint used or neglected buildings are overseen by local Tower Hamlets planning authority.

Q. How can I get a low conveyancing quote for a £583,000 home?

Most home owners are attracted by cheap conveyancing quotes. But the reality is in most cases there are charges hidden in the terms and conditions. As a result most buyers and sellers end up with paying more than their intended budget. All kinds of charges should be mentioned clearly along with the actual charge so that buyers don’t face any unexpected cost. Our online quote calculator will present you with the precise legal fees for the property you want to purchase.

Q. Should we carry out a home buyer’s survey if we intend to purchase a residential property?

We recommend you to instruct a property surveyor to conduct a survey if you intend to make a purchase in Wapping. There could be many potential problems that can impact the property such as cracks around door frames and other issues which are not investigated as a part of conveyancing process.

Q. Is legal conveyancing of auction properties in Wapping managed by your company?

Our solicitor’s are experienced with property auction procedures. We recommend buyers to appoint a SRA regulated solicitor before an auction to provide enough time for review. Our lawyers are prepared to carry out the entire procedure needed for the purchase in 4 weeks time frame which is an auction requirement.

Q. Are flood searches a reliable way to find flood risk areas as 2012 was the second wettest year since 1920?

Your solicitor will carry out a thorough research for standard protocol environmental searches that are related to Wapping and determine the flood risk areas. This will provide you an insight of all the flood prone regions in Wapping and show you if your intended property is in a risk.

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