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1. Direct Solicitor contact

You will be in direct contact with a solicitor from start to finish of your transaction, unlike other companies who are not solicitors and just put you in touch with a firm for a introduction fee. We are fully authorised and regulated to act for you in your conveyancing transaction.

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We perform all the legal work for a fixed fee. No hidden costs like other firms.

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Our conveyancing solicitors are experts in all kinds property related matters. Therefore, you can be rest assured that you and your transaction are in safe hands

Conveyancing in West Ham Q & A's

By Kay Miah
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Updated: 13/12/2017

Q. What is the usual time needed to complete the conveyancing process?

Depending on various situations the process generally takes from 4 weeks to up to 12 weeks. The speed of the seller's lawyer is a key factor in this process. Our conveyancing solicitors are very keen to complete the process as soon as possible.

Q. What is the proper time to appoint a conveyancer to act on our sale?

The earlier you contact a lawyer the more convenient it is. Appointing a solicitor initially eliminates the chance of the purchase or sale stalling. Therefore, speak to a lawyer once you have decided to make a purchase.

Q. I have heard that Barium (Ba) soil contamination is an issue in West Ham. What should I do?

Due to a lot of industrial and agricultural activity contamination of top layer of the soil is no surprise. Several contaminants may be present in the soil and water. A thorough environmental search should be carried out to determine the current condition.

Q. I am looking for low cost conveyancing in West Ham?

Numerous solicitor firms claim that they are offering affordable conveyancing. But the reality is in most cases there are charges hidden in the terms. Any kind of charges should be clearly mentioned in the without secrecy. Use our online calculator to get a fixed conveyancing quote for the property you are buying.

Q. I am interested in buying a property in West Ham and want to find out if there are any designated conservation areas?

There are more than 9000 conservation areas all over England. In West Ham there are a number of historical and architectural areas which are designated to be protected. It is the duty of your lawyer to investigate on your property regarding the conservation status and provide you with a detailed report.

Q. Will there be any extra costs when I have requested a quote from you?

We never charge any additional bills and we don’t have any hidden fees. Many solicitor firms will show you a low estimate which is rarely accurate as they exclude hidden charges.

Q. Is it a good idea to instruct a solicitor who works with by my estate agent?

Local agents usually refer to a law firm for carrying out the conveyancing process. However, many estate agents have arrangements with solicitors and receive a referral fee for suggesting them. This should be considered properly before you instruct the lawyer proposed by your estate agent.

Q. What is the fee for the conveyancing searches?

The search cost depends on the kind of search chosen. All are not the same. The fee is paid to a third party for performing the task.

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