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Our highly-skilled Corporate and Commercial team advises on a wide range of legal issues affecting businesses of all sizes and within all sectors. Whether they be start-ups, SMEs or multinationals, we understand the nuances and practicalities of commercial law. We bring the expertise required to provide intelligent legal solutions to this complex area of law – from buying and selling companies, through to drafting complex commercial agreements and dealing with cross-border transactions and international clients.

We appreciate that your focus should be on your business – which is why we make the legal aspects as seamless as possible. You will be appointed a dedicated legal representative, and this solicitor will handle your case from start to finish.  And because we realise it isn’t always possible to meet during busy working hours, your solicitor will be glad to meet you during the evening or at the weekend, if this suits you better.

Commercial Contracts

and Terms of Trading

Whether you wish to enter into a contractual agreement with a supplier, customer or any other party, our specialist team will ensure that any contract is unambiguous, legally compliant and incontrovertible – thereby protecting you from commercial risk. Your solicitor will also ensure that such contracts fit your business objectives, both in the short and long term.
We also offer advice in relation to terms of trading – from drafting terms of supply for goods and services, through to negotiating bespoke contracts; including joint venture agreements, R&D agreements, procurement contracts and government funding agreements. We can also help you avoid any legal pitfalls when it comes to distribution and agency agreement Ts&Cs.

Company Mergers and Acquisitions

We have a wealth of experience in acting for shareholders, partners and prospective purchasers, providing advice on a range of matters from straightforward transactions to highly complex negotiations.
One of our specialist solicitors will conduct a thorough investigation into the assets and liabilities of the company that is the subject of any acquisition, undertaking an extensive due diligence process. They will also be able to advise on the transfer of employees and, in particular, any restrictions within existing employment contracts. As for proposed mergers, we will advise as to any potential liabilities, thereby helping to isolate risks – allowing you to seek indemnity where necessary.

Share purchase agreements

Share purchase agreements are invariably long and complex documents and it’s imperative that they are drafted by experienced solicitors in order to avoid lengthy delays and burgeoning costs.
Our team has the expertise to author comprehensive share purchase agreements that fully detail the sale and purchase of clients’ companies. Essential issues such as pension arrangements, completion accounts and warranties are included in the agreement, along with a full business history detailing finances, tax, liabilities and any other pertinent information.

Business start-ups, and partnership and shareholder agreements

Whether you’re a sole trader, limited company or limited liability partnership, we can steer you through the regulatory compliance matters, tax and personal liability options – providing you with a sound legal framework upon which to build your new business.

In addition to the above, if you are entering into a partnership or shareholder scenario, we will ensure that watertight agreements are put in place to prevent future misunderstandings that could affect the day-to-day running of your business. Such agreements will include guidance on how the business will be run and the course of action required should a shareholder leave.

Franchising agreements and

sale of businesses

Franchising is becoming an increasingly popular business model. We can advise on a range of factors you need to take into consideration when entering into such an agreement, along with necessary contractual clauses covering vital issues such as fees, term, support, territory and branding. Our expertise and sound commercial advice will ensure that your business interests are protected in your new venture.
As well as franchises, some businesses – such as bars, restaurants, estate agents and e-commerce sites – are bought and sold as going-concerns. If you want to purchase or sell a business, it will come with its own set of legalities, including regulations designed to protect employees already associated with the business. We are able to guide you through this process, facilitating a smooth, hassle-free business transfer.
For advice on any aspect of corporate or commercial law, give one of our specialist solicitors a call on 020 8534 2400 and they will be happy to help.

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