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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Civil disputes can involve anything from breaches of contract and property disputes, through to personal injury and mortgage repossessions. Finding yourself caught up in a civil dispute can be a stressful time. At Woodgrange Solicitors, our aim is to make the process as easy as possible. This starts by appointing you a solicitor who will remain your sole point of contact for the duration of your case. We believe in being transparent and up-front, so you will also receive a clear idea of costs ahead of time.

Generally speaking, it is best to try and resolve any dispute by means of negotiation and we endeavour to secure the best outcome for you with the least amount of impact on your daily life.

Contractual Disputes

Contracts aren’t just things that are entered into by businesses – and you’d be surprised how many contracts we enter into as part of our daily lives. Sometimes these are written, other times they are verbal. Common contracts may be with builders, plumbers, furniture stores, travel agents or anywhere else that provides goods or services.

If you have entered into a contract and feel that the other person hasn’t provided what they agreed to, or that they’ve failed to perform in the promised manner, our team of experienced solicitors can help you get the remedy you deserve. This may be in the form of compensation or it may be by getting the other party to do what they said they would. Where possible, we attempt to resolve contractual disputes in a quick and amicable manner. However, if it becomes necessary to go to court, we will handle all the tricky legal aspects for you.

It is worth bearing in mind that, if you do believe a contract you entered into has been breached, you have a duty to mitigate your loss (in a nutshell – don’t make matters worse or more expensive). For example, if you hire someone to perform at your child’s birthday party and they don’t turn up, while you would be entitled to try and find a stand-in, and it’s acceptable if it’s more expensive due to being last-minute, you wouldn’t be entitled to replace a clown with a whole circus troupe and claim for the cost! Finally, if you do feel someone has breached a contract, you generally have six years in which to make a claim

Negligence Claims

If somebody has acted or failed to act in a certain way that falls below the standard you would reasonably expect from them and you’ve suffered loss, damage or injury as a result, then you could have a negligence claim against them.
At Woodgrange, we have a team of solicitors that has experience of handling a wide range of negligence claims. Our team of litigators is also highly adept in bringing medical and professional negligence claims and regularly acts for individual clients in claims against:

  • Accountants;
  • Estate Agents;
  • Doctors;
  • Solicitors;
  • Architects; and
  • Insurance brokers.

We are also able to act on your behalf should you be the subject of a negligence claim. Whatever the circumstances, we will work with you to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Mortgage Repossessions

Being faced with mortgage repossession is a highly stressful and worrying time – especially if you have young children. At Woodgrange Solicitors, we are able to assist with a range of repossession issues, including:

  • Emergency appeals;
  • Preventing repossessions;
  • Helping to save the equity in your home.

If you are in the situation where a possession order has been granted to your lender, you will have between 28 and 58 days’ notice to leave your home. It is important to contact us as quickly as possible because if you haven’t been evicted, then we can assist in either preventing or delaying the repossession process.

You will be allocated a solicitor who will guide you through the options available in a clear and sympathetic manner – enabling you to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Construction and Building Work Disputes

It can be incredibly frustrating when building works go wrong, and we have a team of experts able to deal with all manner of construction and building disputes including:

  • Defective construction;
  • Installation problems;
  • Unfinished work;
  • Planning disputes; and
  • Party wall disagreements.

We can help you at any stage of your building or construction dispute, ensuring that your case is dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Property and Lease Disputes

We act for property owners, tenants and landlords across a range of property and lease issues. Areas we cover include disputed enfranchisement and lease extension claims; boundary and neighbourhood disputes; tenancy terms and tenancy deposit issues; right to manage advice; nuisance claims, and more.
Our property litigation experts will help you to identify the best of course of action and negotiate an acceptable settlement that best suits your requirements, including expert mediation and arbitration services that will lead to the most favorable outcome possible.

Land Registry and property fraud

Our property is normally the most valuable asset we own – however, this also makes it an attractive target for fraudsters. In recent years, mortgage fraud and ID theft have increased – for example, a fraudster may steal someone’s identity then sell their mortgage or property by pretending to be them.

Although this isn’t a common crime, it is very distressing for those who are the victims of such a fraud. Unravelling the mess can be a fraught and time-consuming process. However, at Woodgrange Solicitors, we take the worry away from our clients, helping to rectify all aspects of Land Registry/property fraud – ensuring that justice is served and the rightful owner is reunited with their property as soon as possible.

To discuss your specific legal issues, just call one of our specialist solicitors on 020 8534 2400. They will be able to provide you with the right advice and set out your options.

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