We are an approved Santander Panel Solicitors firm

Completing on a property purchase or re mortgage can be an incredibly stressful process. That is why Santander have a very strict vetting process for conveyancers and solicitors that wish to be on their panel. Woodgrange Solicitors LLP are an experienced and dedicated conveyancing solicitors firm and we are proud to be chosen as Santander’s panel solicitors. Santander having chosen us to be on their select panel to assist clients in property purchases and re mortgages is a testimony of the level of expertise and service client’s can expect from our firm.

Santander’s Conveyancer Panel

Santander have worked closely with only a select panel of solicitors and conveyancers to process their client’s property purchases. To be considered by Santander as a solicitor or conveyancer, a practice has to demonstrate expertise in completing on property purchases as well as exceptional customer service.

What if My Solicitor is Not on Santander’s Panel?

By appointing a solicitor that is not on Santander’s select panel you could be causing significant delays to your property purchase. This is because your solicitor will need to not only register with Santander but will also need to meet the stringent measures that Santander put in place to keep their select panel operating to the highest standards.

Why do Lenders Have Conveyancing Panels?

Mortgage lenders operate conveyancer panels to streamline the buying process for their customers, reduce fraud and monitor anti-money laundering practices. The main aim of a conveyancing panel is to ensure a client receives the highest available service for their property transaction while other requirements are met in the background. This provides Santander clients a safety net, allowing them to complete their property purchase with ease and convenience.

Highly Recommended Santander Panel Solicitors firm in London

With years of expertise, Woodgrange Solicitors LLP is the most qualified solicitor firm to deal with your property purchase. Located in London, they are at the centre of a very busy and buoyant property market. Their experience means that they can service your property conveyancing swiftly and correctly, providing you with a second to none and seamless property purchase.

Instruct Woodgrange Solicitors LLP’s Conveyancing Team Today

Here are some of the things you can expect when you instruct Woodgrange Solicitors LLP to handle your conveyancing transaction;

  • Customer Focused Experience
  • Expert conveyancing solicitors
  • Competitive Fees
  • Expedient Conveyancing Process
  • Communication Every Step of the Way
  • On Santander’s Panel of Conveyancers as well as Other Major Lenders’ Panels.
Conveyancing for Everyone Nationwide

Woodgrange Solicitors LLP stay abreast of the entire property market within England and Wales, allowing them to service your conveyancing regardless of location. Highly qualified and sought after, you will be surprised at how competitive their rates for conveyancing are. With access to Santander customers are given priority, if you have applied for a Santander mortgage, ensure you ask for Woodgrange Solicitors LLP to handle the home buying process or re mortgage on your behalf. The combined dedicated customer support of both Santander and Woodgrange Solicitors LLP will make your property purchase completely painless.

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